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NBH Announces Partnership with Eagle Rock Brewery

We are excited to officially announce we've partnered with LA craft beer legends Eagle Rock Brewery to be our exclusive contract brewing partner! Last year we collaborated with ERB to bring you Love Fights Back, a delicious mango guava blonde ale in support of

social justice. Not only did we brew a super dope beer, but we also produced an exclusive song only available via QR code on the can. Plus, we included an exclusive interview with all the collaborators involved. But the best part is we were able to donate over $3,000 to the Urban Peace Institute supporting their efforts to end systemic racism, re-imagine public safety and promote community health.

We couldn't be happier to know our beer will be brewed to the highest standards, with love and respect for the craft, by a company with a woman of color in its ownership. ERB aligns with our motto of Make Good Beer, Do Good Things. They definitely got the "make good beer" part down! They're just great people all around we can't wait to start making beer together!

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