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La Peligrosa Quirino

Norwalk Brew House and Cerveza Cito Brewery announces “La Peligrosa Quirino” blonde ale brewed with hibiscus and agave – the second release in a series of collaboration beers supporting the Rhythmo Mariachi Academy in Orange County.

Other collaborators include: Henhouse Brewing Company (Santa Rosa), Liberation Brewing Co. (Long Beach), Feathered Serpent Brewery (San Dimas, CA) and SLO Brew (San Luis Obispo).

La Peligrosa Quirino is a collaboration paying homage to two pioneering figures of Mariachi music. Rosa Quirino was a revolutionary in her own right. In 1903, she slipped on her huaraches, picked up her violin and stepped on stage to become the first documented woman to play with a mariachi group. Rosa went on to lead her own mariachi group and legend has it, she’d carry a pistol and let men know she wasn’t afraid to shoot!

Today, Quirino is revered as a trailblazer and continues to inspire women over a century later. It was only fitting the beer name and label design be inspired by the iconic Rosa Quirino.

Maestro Gabriel Zavala dedicated his life to educating and training generations of young mariachi musicians in Orange County, CA. Maestro and his group, Los Siete Hermanos Zavala, are credited with being the first to perform mariachi in Orange County during the sixties.

In early March, word spread quickly about the sudden passing of Maestro Zavala. A staple in the local music community, Maestro Zavala was beloved and respected for his contributions promoting and preserving the Mexican folk genre of mariachi. He unfortunately succumbed to complications of Covid-19 in late February.

During last year’s state mandated pandemic closures, Zavala’s Rhythmo Mariachi Academy found itself in dire straits as it struggled to cover its monthly fixed costs. A portion of proceeds from La Peligrosa Quirino blonde will be donated to the Rhythmo Mariachi Academy.

La Peligrosa Quirino is a refreshingly light, crisp blonde ale brewed with hibiscus and agave. Available in limited 16 ounce cans only at Cerveza Cito Brewery in Santa Ana, CA. Also available on draft exclusively at the brewery.

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