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Bidi Bidi Blonde Blonde Almost Here!

Our inaugural batch of Bidi Bidi Blonde Blonde has been brewed! This delicious blonde ale is now happily fermenting in a tank at Eagle Rock Brewery. In about two weeks from now this beer will be packaged in 16-ounce cans and kegs for distribution to retailers across SoCal. We'll be announcing beer release dates soon!

Our "Mexican American Blonde Ale" is single hopped with Mandarina Bavaria. This dual-purpose hop tends to be tropical and fruity with notes of tangerine and citrus. Mandarina Bavaria is aromatic with a moderate bitterness. We're really excited about having tangerine/mandarin notes in the Bidi Bidi Blonde Blonde.

Bidi Bidi comes in at 5% abv making it refreshingly crushing. It's going to be the perfect beer to sip any day of the week and great for celebrations or when relaxing at home.

We can't wait for you to try Bidi Bidi Blonde Blonde!

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