The Story Behind

Norwalk Brew House

The concept is simple – Make Good Beer, Do Good Things.


Ray Ricky Rivera is the guy behind Norwalk Brew House.

As a teenager in high school, Ray joined a local Latin/funk/hip hop band and embarked on a career in music.  For the next 20 years he traveled the world, released a solo album, ran his own record label,  and started his own boutique artist management firm. He did all these things independently and free of any corporate funding. 


In 2015, Ray cofounded the largest Latino homebrew club in the country – SoCal Cerveceros. Pulling from his experience in the music industry, Ray helped to establish SCC as one of the fastest growing clubs in California. Including, launching the Coldxela craft beer festival - which today is the largest BIPOC beer fest on the west coast.  


It was at a sold-out Coldxela 2019 where Ray had an epiphany. Quoting his pitch at the 2020 Brewbound Pitch Slam Finals, Ray says; "I realized a beer company is like a record label. I can source new talent like I do with artists, develop and market beer brands just like artists..." Inspired by this idea, Ray set out to create something new. 
A new kind of business, by a new kind of entrepreneur. 

And Norwalk Brew House was born.

Norwalk Brew House is a contract brewed beer company dedicated to leveraging products, influence and brand to give back to the greater community. From production, to distribution, to brand incubation, the goal is to create an ecosystem of like-minded Latino owned beer companies. Ray is passionate about creating a positive impact on local economies by supporting a new generation of Latino craft beer entrepreneurs.  


NBH's commitment to impacting culture and industry is showcased in its unique beer projects, bringing together brewers, musicians, artists and creatives alike.

Noteworthy beer projects include - "Love Fights Back" - a collaboration with Eagle Rock Brewery and Hip Hop artist 2Mex, in support of the Urban Peace Institute and their work to end systemic racism. This collaboration moved beyond beer and included an exclusive song written and produced for the project, a candid recorded interview featuring all collaborators, with content only accessible via QR code on the can label.

NBH has also partnered with Latinx owned Brewjeria Company, South Central Brewing Company and famed cartoonist, Lalo Alcaraz, to produce a series of collaboration beers supporting various immigrant workers struggling through the Covid-19 pandemic. The first in the series, "Los Vendors," is a mango-pineapple wheat ale. Proceeds benefitted the LA Street Vendor Emergency Fund. 

Norwalk Brew House has several beer projects currently being developed, with releases slated for late spring-early summer 2021. 

NBH plans also include releasing its flagship beer for statewide distribution late Summer 2021.